Three Categories Of Teachers – Smart Classroom Management – Education Article

I may ruffle some feathers with this week’s article. But it’s a critical topic, and thus worth taking the heat. Last week, I detailed how to not quit teaching. If you haven’t yet read the article, I recommend doing so before continuing. In that article, I mentioned the importance of becoming an expert in classroom management. Given the comments both here on the site and via email, however, I don’t think I emphasized it enough. The truth is, it’s everything…

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5 Things I Learned From Quitting Teaching – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes What did I learn from quitting my teaching job? There’s a great sense of pride among those who teach, particularly those that have just a few years under their belt. They’ve made the bold move to become a teacher, perhaps having to justify their decision to friends and family, and that’s why it can be gut-wrenching to admit to yourself that you are considering quitting teaching. I know this because I did just that. Two schools…

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