Budget Cuts

Save Our Schools From Coronavirus Budget Cuts – Education Article

    America is one dumbass country.   We don’t do the metric system.   We don’t do universal healthcare.   And during a global pandemic, we don’t demand the government pay us to stay home and stop the spread of the disease.   Instead, we demand the government let us go out and get sick.   It should come as no surprise, then, that we deeply under-fund our public schools.   There’s always money for a new war or…

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Julian Vasquez Heilig: “Did You See the Numbers?” “Yes, I Did.” – Education Article

Julian Vasquez Heilig is a leading authority on the subjects of equity and social justice. His blog is one of the brightest spots on the Internet because of his scholarship and creative use of graphics. He has been a prominent member in the California chapter of the NAACP. In this post, he refutes the claim that charter schools in California produce results better than public schools. Despite their advantages, their academic results are about the same as public schools. The…

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