brown 65th anniversary

Fulfilling the Promise of Brown v. Board: From School and Housing Policies to the Courts – Education Article

Sixty-five years ago, the Brown v. Board of Education ruling promised integrated and equitable schools. Today, as one sign of progress, housing officials collaborate with educators to integrate neighborhoods as a means to achieving school integration. “Housing and school policies are inextricably linked and deeply affect patterns of school funding and academic success,” says Harry Lawson, director of NEA’s Human and Civil Rights Office. “This makes it important for educators and education advocates who support school integration to engage with…

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Embracing Brown v. Board: 65 Years and Counting – Education Article

“I saw a crowd of parents, angry at the forced bussing of their children. They began to hurl rocks, bits of cement, anything at a passing bus of African-American kindergarteners…” — Ginger Packet, Virginia “I am an African American female educator who helped integrate Inman Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia as a staff member. Vividly, I remember being denied the use of restrooms by co-workers using tricks with signs saying out of order and other humiliating acts….” — Wylma Blanding,…

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