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Diane Ravitch’s New Book is a Fun and Breezy Romp Through the Maze of School Policy – Education Article

Imagine you could talk with Diane Ravitch for 10 to 15 minutes everyday.  That’s kind of what reading her new book, “The Wisdom and the Witt of Diane Ravitch”, is like.  You’ve probably heard of Ravitch before.   She’s the kindly grandmother you see on the news who used to think standardized tests and school privatization were the way to go but actually had the courage to pull an about face.   She’s that rare thing in public policy –…

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A Book That Tells Teachers How To Talk About Race. No, Really. [Not Light But Fire] – Education Article

Recently, a conversation flared up on Twitter. (That last sentence has become the new “a guy walks into the bar …” for online education activists, but more soon, maybe.) Mind you, at the end of 2017, I set a goal to minimize how many arguments I’d get into on Twitter in 2018, but I must have missed the fine print when I signed on that platform because I failed hard. Most folks have an argument on Twitter and get over it…

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