Book Clubs

How To Lead as a Connected Educator – Education Article

Digital tools have changed the way we think about teaching and learning. You might host a virtual guest speaker in your classroom, or empower students as website designers or moviemakers. Today we have new ways to help students interact with the world — in every grade level and subject area.  So how can educators use these same powerful tools to learn and grow as professionals? Jacie Maslyk has served as an educator in a variety of roles. She’s taken her…

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Join Me for the Summer Book Study of Passionate Learners! – Pernille Ripp – Education Article

With the bustle of April and all of the excitement that that brings, the end of the year is fast approaching.  But with that end also comes an inevitable beginning; a summer that calls for reflection, relaxation, re-invention, renewed commitment, and also the energy to try new things.  I do so adore summer for all of its passion and courage, and also time to just be a reflective practitioner. It is therefore that I am pretty excited to share that…

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How We Set Up Book Clubs in Middle School – Pernille Ripp – Education Article

Last week, we kicked off our second and final round of book clubs for the year. As I shared the titles for this round of book clubs, I was asked a lot of implementation questions. What do they look like? What do kids do? How do you make them successful? And while I have been referring people back to this post that discusses the changes that we have implemented through the years, I thought it might be nice for a…

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