Let’s Stay in Touch! – Education Article

Since I’ve changed to the NEW dynamic Blogger template, finding the sidebar with the subscribe,  post archives, and other stuff, has become a little more trixy! So…..Here’s a graphic to help! If you would like an email, delivered right to your inbox, whenever I post a new content, please follow these directions. 1. Go to the “front page” of the blog.2. Scroll down the blog until the “hamburger” 3 lines appear.3. Click on it & you’re there! From here you…

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Teacher-Blogger Request 2019 | Could You Be a @TeacherToolkit Writer? – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Could you be the next blogger for Teacher Toolkit? Ross Morrison McGill started blogging in 2001, and through a mixture of life-changing events, started writing content on Teacher Toolkit almost 10 years ago over here on Blogger in 2010 (don’t laugh!); he soon moved over to WordPress in 2012 and coded the TT website as you see it today. After writing 1,000+ blogs Ross opened up Teacher Toolkit to other teachers in January 2017 and two years later, we have…

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