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Is Personalized Learning the Latest Tool To Increase Student Engagement? – Education Article

The principal of a newly launched Project-Based Learning school recently asked me to deliver a demonstration lesson to a group of ninth-grade students while a team of teachers observed. I have been teaching for 25 years to great acclaim so I’m used to quickly connecting with learners and engaging them in a meaningful, relevant, and informative experience. Not this time. Using any metric of engagement, my performance was a YouTube-worthy epic fail. The experience prompted me to reflect on my…

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Getting Students to Take Control – Education Article

When considering the future of work, it is important to consider what still needs to be done to prepare future generations. It is not a secret that everyone learns differently. In a world that is constantly changing—that is one thing that won’t. As EdReimaginged noted in their report, A transformational vision for education in the U.S., “the current system was designed in a different era and structured for a different society.” So why is it taking so long to adjust…

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