How to Make the PYP Design Space Accessible, Flexible, Responsive? – Education Rickshaw – Education Article

Since moving into the role of PYP design teacher I have been playing with ideas about how to provide students access to their design space, which at my school we affectionately call The Pit. The students come to me two or three times every 8 day cycle for 45 minutes at a time and whenever possible I try to facilitate connections between their regular homeroom classroom and my classroom. Check out that article about transdisciplinary design, here, as well as…

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11 Books to Start a Book Club for Teachers – Education Rickshaw – Education Article

I love professional book clubs. If schools are serious about teacher agency and differentiating professional learning for teachers, administrators should consider teacher book clubs as an option. The following is an updated list of 10 books for professional book clubs that I’ve had the pleasure of either facilitating, attending, or just think could be great if used in a book club. I hope you find them useful in starting up a book club in your school or learning organization! Constructivist Instruction:…

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If You Don’t Teach it, Who Will? – Education Rickshaw – Education Article

To get me started on this post, I asked Zach the question, “If I don’t teach my students how to use the internet safely, who will?.” His answer was what I had expected, “Hopefully their parents?” Although talks with my students have revealed that many parents are doing a fantastic job of teaching their children how to use the internet safely, many parents aren’t. It might be a mixture of parents lacking in technology skills themselves and not really knowing…

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