blaming teachers

The Intention Form: Tell The Truth…Shame The Devil – Education Article

Now that we’re in the second part of the school year, we already know what’s coming… The Intention Form Intention Form… Commitment Form… “Are You Staying Or Leaving Us” Form Whatever your school district calls them, they’re on the way to your teacher mailbox within the next few weeks as administrative staff go over the budget, numbers, and prepare themselves to comb through the district job site for candidates.  I remember getting this form the first year I taught.  “Transfer”…

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“Why Didn’t Anyone Help Me?” The Truth Behind Abused Teachers Who Took Matters Into Their Own Hands – Education Article

When the articles pop up on my timeline, I’m quick to click the link to each and every article that looks or sounds like this: “Teacher assaults student” “Educator and student fights” “Teacher fired after brawl with student” What I find to be interesting is that many, if not all of the teachers involved in the fight with their students, have reported incidents within their classrooms multiple times.  But where are those articles? Where are the news reports of teachers…

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