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What does “better” mean to you and your students? – The Principal of Change – Education Article

I have been discussing innovation for probably the past ten years, and I agree with John here, 100%.  When people use the word “innovation” to describe something new (usually technology related) than it does become a buzzword.  This happens a lot in education where a term becomes “trendy” and is used without thought of what it means, which in turn makes the word a buzzword.  It is not saying that the word in itself is terrible, but it is in…

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What We Assess Often Drives Teaching – The Principal of Change – Education Article

Thinking out loud so bear with me… An important question that we should ask often; What is the purpose of school?  Is it a means to an end or is there a bigger purpose? If you “teach to the test,” can some skills be learned in that process? Resiliency? Focus? Dedication? I have seen some posts on social media where the instruction is geared to how we do on exams and things like “pep rallies” getting students psyched up to…

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