School Field Trip Turns Into a Tour of Our Nation’s Unhealed Scars – Education Article

 You’ve got to be a little crazy to take a bunch of teenagers on a field trip – especially overnight and out of town.   But that’s what I did, and – yeah – guilty as charged.   For the second time in my more than 15-year career as a public school teacher, I volunteered along with a group of parents and other teachers to escort my classes of 8th graders to Washington, DC, and surrounding sights. And I never regretted…

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Standardized Testing is a Tool of White Supremacy – Education Article

Let’s say you punched me in the face.   I wouldn’t like it. I’d protest. I’d complain.   And then you might apologize and say it was just an accident.  Maybe I’d believe you.   Until the next time when we met and you punched me again.   That’s the problem we, as a society, have with standardized tests.   We keep using them to justify treating students of color as inferior and/or subordinate to white children. And we never…

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Billionaire Heiress Lashes Out at Unions Because Her Fortune Didn’t Buy Election – Education Article

  Betsy DeVos is furious!   She and her family spent boatloads of money this election cycle and few of their candidates won.   Instead, lawmakers were largely selected by these things called… ew… voters.   She was so enraged that she used her platform as Secretary of Education – another prudent purchase by her family – to lash out at teachers unions for – get this – having too much influence!!!!!   She told Fox Business Network:   “The…

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