Black teachers

Whatever It Takes: Story of a Committed Black Teacher – Education Article

“>“On me they wont.” That was his response when a student vulnerably shared how his peers would talk about this lack of a haircut. This is the story of Major Jones, an educator in Bibb County Schools who gave that student a free haircut. If you’re a teacher, you know the impact of this act of kindness. Teachers are more than teachers. We are counselors, social workers, and so much more. Mr. Jones took that expectation to heart. The Educator’s…

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Walk On By – Urban Education Mixtape – Education Article

Many of us can recall a time when they walked into unfamiliar territory; whether it was a party, a new school or a new job. One of the first things we do when in that circumstance is scan for the familiar. Maybe there is a familiar conversation that you interject yourself in. Maybe there is a familiar look you share with someone else. Maybe there is another who like you, walked into an unfamiliar space. Finding the familiar when an…

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