Is misused neuroscience defining early years and child protection policy? | Education

“Neuroscience can now explain why early conditions are so crucial,” wrote Graham Allen and Iain Duncan Smith in their 2010 collaboration, Early Intervention: Good Parents, Great Kids, Better Citizens. “The more positive stimuli a baby is given, the more brain cells and synapses it will be able to develop.”  Neuroscience is huge in early years policy. This week, in what’s been characterised as the largest shake-up of family law in a generation, the 26-week time limit for adoption proceedings has…

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Should pets ever be kept in classrooms? | Education

Watching duck eggs hatch in a classroom was a “wow” experience that brought the topic to life, says Sarah Holmes, teacher in Derby High School’s primary department. “It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about the life cycle, see the ducklings grow and learn to swim. They also learned to take responsibility for looking after them.” Classrooms across the UK house a wide range of school pets: hamsters, fish, guinea pigs and even tortoises. But though they…

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Nature inquiries with iNaturalist – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

iNaturalist is a fantastic site for identifying and appreciating living things in your area. The app is available on iOS and Android. When photographs of wildlife are uploaded, the iNaturalist community will identify them and more information is provided. In addition, the data collected on the app is used by scientific data repositories to monitor species and their populations. Using iNaturalist is interesting and fun, but our additions also contribute to important biodiversity studies. Win-win! How does iNaturalist work? After downloading…

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