Behind the Scenes

What’s the Team Reading? – Education Article

At, we rave over books adapted to television, we’ve made holiday book exchanges a tradition, and we’ve filled our library with staff picks and the books teachers need most. The secret’s out! We’re book nerds. Most recently, we took our love of books to a new level and created a team-wide book club. We focused on a bigger issue in the education world to increase our team’s awareness of the communities and policies we interact with every day. For…

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Our Team’s Award-Winning Operations Approach to our Biggest Day Ever – Education Article

When a teacher has a project fully funded on, our team springs into action to fulfill these projects. Unique among crowdfunding platforms, the team purchases and ships resources directly to classrooms and works with teachers to coordinate field trips and classroom visitors for their students. As a result, teachers don’t have to worry about shopping in person or finding the right price, and we provide the extra layer of trust and accountability that school districts and donors crave.…

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