Barbara R. Blackburn

Rigor in 6-12 Math and Science Classrooms: A Teacher Toolkit – Education Article

Rigor in the 6-12 Math and Science Classroom – A Teacher ToolkitBy Barbara R. Blackburn and Abbigail Armstrong(Routledge/Eye On Education, 2019 – Learn more) Reviewed by Jennifer Sexton Barbara Blackburn always provides her readers with solid, easy-to-implement strategies for any classroom. In her latest book, Blackburn and co-author Abbigail Armstrong give clear definitions for “rigor” and how to apply rigorous instruction in any math or science setting in middle or high school. Setting up a rigorous classroom environment that motivates…

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How to Improve Your Questioning Techniques – Education Article

By Barbara R. Blackburn Asking and answering questions is an everyday occurrence in most classrooms. Sometimes it happens orally, sometimes in writing, but it is one of the most common classroom activities. Good questioning helps students build understanding, but poor questioning can deter students from learning. How can you create questions that will help all students learn? First, let’s look at common mistakes we make with questions. Questioning Mistakes Questioning is a basic and critical part of your classroom. But…

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