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Emily DiMatteo Builds Knowledge Through Embedded Nonficiton – Education Article

Never forget what Snowball did here…. I’m excited to share this video of Emily DiMatteo’s English class. First, it’s a great example of how Embedded Nonfiction can infuse a discussion with background knowledge and thus build its rigor. That’s an idea we’ve been passionate about for a while but have recently come to realize it hard to implement well without a curriculum. And as it happens Emily is teaching a lesson from our new curriculum in this video so that’s…

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Field Trips Benefit from Background Knowledge, Too – Education Article

11.24.19Field Trips Benefit from Background Knowledge, Too Looking at a shark: You perceive more when you know more. Last week I wrote a post about hands-on learning, and how what seemed like a rich experience–launching rockets–might not be so useful if students didn’t know what they were looking at. On the other hand if students had been primed with knowledge beforehand they could observe relevant things and increase their knowledge by adding detail to it. I was thinking about that…

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