Congratulations Power of Us Award Recipients! – Education Article

This past year, New Tech Network introduced the Power of Us Awards as a way to stimulate more cross-school interaction and collaborative learning and work across the Network. Our hope was to curate, refine, and share compelling examples of cross-school collaboration to increase the level of connection between members of the Network. The collaboration could be work between schools or between individuals from differing schools. The 2019 award recipients have been working all spring semester to complete their accepted topic…

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7 programs that are transforming education – Education Article

Innovative tools and strategies are transforming education, and the best educators recognize this growing trend and harness it to benefit their students. Fuel Education’s Transformation Awards recognize schools, districts or organizations that are successfully transforming education, the way teachers teach, and how students learn. The awards highlight seven exemplary programs from Fuel Education’s partner school districts. Each Transformation Award winner uses online courses and adaptive learning tools to meet the varying needs of their students, who represent different demographic, economic…

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Best-in-Class Resources–You Decide | Ask a Tech Teacher – Education Article

Every year, I review a large number of websites, apps, and resources that help educators blend technology into their classrooms. I get lots of feedback from readers sharing their experiences, asking questions, and clicking through to see if a particular tool will serve their needs. But, I often don’t hear how the product worked in the fullness of time. Starting last year, I sought out your opinions: how dependable is it how versatile is it for time-strapped teachers does it differentiate……

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