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Townsville primary school student arrested after allegedly stabbing teacher | Australia news

An 11-year-old girl has been arrested for allegedly stabbing a teacher at a Queensland primary school. Police tasered the girl at the school at Heatley, in Townsville, just before midday before taking her into custody. Police said they found the student inside the school grounds armed with a knife after responding to reports of a student stabbing a female teacher. Senior sergeant Scot Warrick said the girl received immediate medical attention after she was subdued by officers. “The student was brought…

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I was a poor kid at a wealthy private school. It gave me social mobility, but also a sense of shame | Education

I can’t remember why or when I set my pre-adolescent sights on a fancy private high school. I certainly don’t recall being pushed into applying for scholarships when my time was winding up at the local state primary school. If anything, I was the one marching my slightly bewildered and sheepish parents around to open days, on a quest to fulfil my burning desire to make it among the Toorak set. I was an upwardly mobile 12-year-old. I vividly remember…

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