Soundtrap for Storytellers, New Podcast Creation Tool Launches Globally- Classroom-appropriate Version to Be Made Available to Schools – Education Article

Soundtrap, a favorite online audio editing tool, has announced that an education version of its new Soundtrap for Storytellers podcast creation tool introduced today will be available to teachers and students for use in the classroom. Like the Soundtrap online music recording studio, this simple tool supports STEAM (Science, Math, Engineering, Arts and Math) education initiatives while amplifying student voice and developing essential skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. This new solution has some great features, which are…

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Adding Audio to Google Slides When Your Domain Doesn’t Have the Native Audio Feature – Education Article

Six weeks ago Google announced the introduction of native support for audio in Google Slides. Unfortunately, the roll-out of that feature seems to be taking longer than was initially promised. I have been receiving emails for weeks from people asking me if they missed something in their Google accounts. They haven’t. I don’t have the feature in any of my accounts yet, either. And, unfortunately, Ed Tech Team seems to have pulled support for their AudioPlayer for Slides extension and…

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