5 Ways To Share And Market Your Teacher Blog – The Edublogger – Education Article

Are you an educator with a blog? Would you like a bigger audience and a stronger professional network?This practical post goes through five things you can do to share and market your blog: Make posts ‘shareable’ Use social media Set up an email subscription Encourage others to share your posts Be an audience If you don’t yet have a blog, that’s no problem. You can get one for free by heading over to the Edublogs homepage. And if you want…

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10 Ways To Instantly Make Your Blog Better! – The Edublogger – Education Article

Your blog might be full of inspiring ideas but are people reading your posts? Are they sticking around and returning when you publish new content? I have the pleasure of reading a lot of blogs as part of my role with Edublogs. I’m going to fill you in on a few easy tweaks that I believe can improve the reader experience and help you build a bigger audience. Regardless of whether you have a professional educator blog, student blog, or…

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