How to pay attention – David Didau – Education Article

Here is my researchEHHome talk on attention. And, if you want to chase up any of the references they’re embedded is the slides below: I also want to recapitulate an answer I gave to one of the questions I was asked about the distinction between instruction and curriculum. Part of my talk tried to explain Polanyi’s idea about ‘subsidiary awareness’. Essentially, although attention implies a ‘withdrawal’ of focus from one set of things in order to concentrate on another, we…

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How To Avoid Losing Your Students’ Attention – Education Article

There is a phenomenon I see again and again in the classrooms I visit. As attention starts to wane . . . Eyelids droop. Fingers tap. Bodies sigh. . . . the teacher will speed up their instruction. They’ll talk and move faster as if trying to finish before completely losing the class. But this is a big mistake—because it only makes things worse. Here’s why: It’s boring. The urge to rush and get done quickly will inevitably cause you…

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