Arts in schools

Creativity is the key to the arts and the sciences | Letters | Education

With reference to your editorial (Creativity must make a comeback in schools – and not just in arts lessons, 19 October), as someone who was discouraged at school from studying art with mathematics and sciences, I agree that,“creativity is not something that should inhabit the school curriculum only as it relates to drama, music, art and other obviously creative subjects.” The philosopher Henri Bergson and psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist recognised two profoundly different ways of knowing, the method of analysis and…

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Arts education should not be a luxury, says Julie Hesmondhalgh | Education

Julie Hesmondhalgh, the actor and campaigner, has accused policymakers of conspiring to limit access to arts and culture for British children. Reacting to a report into school provision, Hesmondhalgh told the Observer she was dismayed that arts education was now seen as a luxury. “The idea it is not career-oriented is so wrong. And anyway, what happened to the idea of learning for learning’s sake? It is so depressing.” The Durham Commission on Creativity and Education has called for the…

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