Artificial intelligence (AI)

‘How can we compete with Google?’: the battle to train quantum coders | Education

There is a laboratory deep within University College London (UCL) that looks like a cross between a rebel base in Star Wars and a scene imagined by Jules Verne. Hidden within the miles of cables, blinking electronic equipment and screens is a gold-coloured contraption known as a dilution refrigerator. Its job is to chill the highly sensitive equipment needed to build a quantum computer to close to absolute zero, the coldest temperature in the known universe. Standing around the refrigerator…

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Do You Know What’s Trending In Microlearning? – Education Article

Do You Know What’s Trending In Microlearning?–Infographic A quick look at the trends in microlearning you should make space for in your training strategy: 1. Microlearning + Mobile Learning By integrating micro and mobile learning you can provide learners bite-sized learning solutions that can be accessed on multiple devices. 2. Microlearning + Gamification Ignite the competitive spirit in learners with the use of gamified elements in microlearning modules. You could also make use of gamified assessments. 3. Microlearning + Artificial…

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Let me into your home: artist Lauren McCarthy on becoming Alexa for a day | Art and design

In a gallery in downtown Manhattan, people are huddling around four laptops, taking turns to control the apartments of 14 complete strangers. They watch via live video feeds, and respond whenever the residents ask “Someone” to help them. They switch the lights on and off, boil the kettle, put some music on – whatever they can do to oblige. The project, called Someone, is the latest in a series exploring our ever more complicated relationship with technology. It’s by the…

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