When did airbrushing your child’s school photo become a thing? | Art and design

It was with predictable panic that I remembered at two minutes to 8am that it was school photo day. As I bundled my daughters out of the door I did a quick scan of their school uniforms – both were toothpaste-free and fairly dog hair-free too, although my eight-year-old does spend large portions of her life lying on the floor with her arms around the dog, so that’s a battle I‘m never going to win. We had moved as a…

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OPINION: Arizona risks failing its students in trying to limit teachers’ speech – Education Article

Divided times call for a different strategy. The heart of one teacher-education class that I teach is politics. Not the politics of education, where we talk about the laws that govern public schools, but politics and education, where we talk about how big, thorny political issues affect students and families. The college students whom I teach are asked to attend to the news and come prepared to engage with it, considering how things like immigration policy and new rules around…

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Trust, but Verify – STORIES FROM SCHOOL AZ – Education Article

I am alternately hopeful, terrified, and jubilant.  I check Twitter obsessively.  My anxiety is easily triggered.  It must be time for the Arizona legislative session.  Even in a state known for wacky and colorful political antics, it promises to be a doozy.  We’ve already seen blatant attacks on our profession as punishment for taking a stand for our students last year. On the other hand, we’re seeing school funding bills coming from unexpected sources.  I’ve heard policymakers using words I…

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