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A Principal’s Reflections: Bookend Pedagogy – Education Article

A Principal’s Reflections: Bookend Pedagogy Bookend Pedagogy As I work with more and more schools in a coaching role, I am beginning to see specific trends emerge. Now, before I go any further, it goes without saying that I see fantastic examples of sound pedagogical practice and innovative strategies that are leading to improved learning outcomes.  However, my role, as the schools I partner with and I see it, isn’t to just spit out platitudes and tell them what they…

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A Principal’s Reflections: Don’t Forget Closure – Education Article

A Principal’s Reflections: Don’t Forget Closure Don’t Forget Closure There are many pedagogical techniques that run the gambit when it comes to instruction and learning. In a previous post, I discussed the importance of opening lessons with a bang, using an anticipatory set. Whether you call it a set, hook, or bell ringer is not the issue. What is, though, is the value the strategy has as part of a comprehensive lesson. Here’s why: The anticipatory set is used to…

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Opening Lessons With a Bang – Education Article

It seems like ages ago that I was taking courses to become a teacher at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. My professors were huge proponents of the Instructional Theory into Practice (ITIP) model developed by Madeline Hunter. Thus, once I had a classroom of my own, I implemented what I was taught to create effective lessons. Virtually all of the facets of the ITIP model still have value today, although by no means do all seven steps have to be…

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