Amanda Spielman

Ofsted chief: pupils’ wellbeing at risk as sport is squeezed out of schools | Education

The Ofsted chief inspector has called on the government to do more to increase sport in schools amid growing concern that physical education is being squeezed out of the curriculum as a result of funding cuts and excessive focus on exam results. Amanda Spielman told the Observer it was essential that ministers and school leaders acted to show they understood what should be obvious – that sport and exercise for young people were vital parts of a full and balanced…

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The madness of flight paths – David Didau – Education Article

Schools are desperate to find ways to predict students’ progress from year to year and between key stages. Seemingly, the most common approach to solving this problem is to produce some sort of ‘flight path’. The internet is full of such misguided attempts to do the impossible. Predicting a students’ progress is a mug’s game. It can’t be done. At the level of nationally representative population sample we can estimate the likelihood of someone who is measured at performing at…

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Visits to English Schools by Amanda Spielman – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Which schools has Amanda Spielman visited since her appointment as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector? On 11th December 2018, I made a Freedom of Information request to Ofsted. I wanted to know which schools Amanda Spielman had visited since her appointment, including what conferences and teacher-training events she has attended on a Saturday. Image credit: The Guardian. Freedom of Information “Dear Ofsted, Please could you advise of the number of visits to early years, primary, secondary state…

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