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ClassHook Adds Pause Prompts to Personal Clips – Education Article

ClassHook is one of my favorite alternatives to searching on YouTube for educational videos. A few months ago ClassHook added a feature called Pause Prompts that enables you to add discussion questions to the videos that you find through their site. Then last month ClassHook added a new playlist feature called Personal Clips. As of today, those two features now work together. Today, ClassHook announced that you can now add Pause Prompts to the videos that you have saved in…

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Five Good Alternatives to YouTube for Finding Educational Videos – Education Article

YouTube is the place that most of us turn to first when we need an educational video clip. Even if you use the search refinement tools in YouTube, it can be a challenge to find a clip that is appropriate for your students. Then there are still the issues of “related” videos that aren’t really related to your search and comments that don’t add any value to the video. Here are five good alternatives to searching on YouTube for educational…

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