The Virtues of Teaching Middle School Online – Education Article

By Laurie Lichtenstein I like a good intellectual and creative challenge. But when my school closed last week and my principal said, “This is an exciting adventure!” I gave him a half smile and a silent eye roll. This was not the particular kind of challenge I was looking for at this particular juncture. Yet this is exactly where I found myself when my district, along with thousands of others across the nation, shut their doors to help flatten the…

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Dear Teachers, Parents, and Teachers Who Are Parents: You Do Not Need To Trust Your Teen, They Need To Trust You – Education Article

Teenagers are weird and stupid. They make rash, half-cocked decisions creating consequences that bring parents to their knees. Since our oldest became a teenager two school years ago, I have prayed so frequently that my deceased, Catholic grandparents would be proud. I am not a good Christian or particularly spiritual, but being a mom of a teenager has made me religious. I have prayed while driving, cooking, and showering. Downtime brings thoughts, and thoughts lead to anxiety.   Parenting is constant,…

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