20 Ways to Have a Summer That Matters @coolcatteacher – Education Article

Today I want to challenge your thinking about your summer. So, I’ve collected twenty of the best ways to make this summer one of learning. This is a blog post / podcast simulpost. You’ll find the same content in slightly different form so you can read or listen to this content. Enjoy! Blog Post/ Podcast Sponsor: Advancement Courses Now is the time to plan your summer! Go to and use the offer code COOL20 to get 20% off your summer PD…

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Create a Growth Mindset School: An Administrator’s Guide – Education Article

Create a Growth Mindset School: An Administrator’s Guide to Leading a Growth Mindset CommunityBy Mary Cay Ricci(Prufrock Press, 2018 – Learn more) Reviewed by Amy Klein Carol Dweck’s Mindset was first published in 2006, but it wasn’t until a bunch of years after that I finally held a copy in my hands. I’d heard that this growth mindset thinking had gotten the attention of educators. Feeling a little behind the times, I read with interest. I’ll never forget skimming the…

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How We Disenfranchise Students of Color with Josh Parker – Education Article

Josh Parker’s mission in education and life is to “help people and solve problems.” Throughout his career, he has achieved both goals. He has served students and teachers within the Baltimore/Washington D.C. corridor as an ELA Instructional Coach, Language Arts Department Chair, Secondary Language Arts teacher, professor and compliance specialist. He now serves teachers, administrators and educational leaders throughout the country as the Director of Engagement and Programs at Unbound Ed. Mr. Parker, a Teaching Channel Laureate and Education Week…

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