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How Will IoT Change the Education Sphere? – Education Article

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary change taking place right under our noses that promises to transform a myriad of sectors including education. It not only seeks to augment traditional human-to-human classroom interactions, but also challenges education in a broader sense. IoT invokes opposing emotions. While technology evangelists are placing their bets on IoT, integrated objects, and an automated world, others are not too thrilled with the development, considering the privacy threats that it poses and finances that…

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Loving our Kids to Failure – How Generous Grading Can Hurt Students – Education Article

Educators are the conductors of the classroom, guiding instruction and parent and student expectations. A teacher’s assessment process is the foundational component informing all three components. Like a house, a faulty foundation leads to cracks and ultimate collapse. Overly generous grading is one cause of a faulty foundation. Our analysis shows that lenient grading in early grades sets students up for failure as they age. Fact: 68% of grades have no correlation to student proficiency That is, over HALF of our…

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