Surviving the Teacher’s Lounge – Urban Education Mixtape – Education Article

One of the more toxic places in school happens to be the teachers’ lounge. The teachers’ lounge is supposedly a safe haven for teachers to go to without fear of being pestered by students or administrators. But that safe haven often becomes a den of venting teachers. Venting can be therapeutic, however, a therapy session can go south very quickly. While you’ll never walk into a lounge with every teacher present, multiple teachers congregate there – in the mornings before…

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How To Address Failing Grades – Urban Education Mixtape – Education Article

Are you curious about how to address students who are failing classes? I have a few suggestions. There is a catch: you must (1) have an open mind, (2) err on the side of common sense, and (3) have the capacity for human decency. If you can check all of those boxes, you’re ready. If not, figure out how to check those boxes before reading further… In my district, the administration is running rampant trying to figure out how to…

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