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Intelligent Tutoring Systems (a Decades-old Application of AI in Education) – Education Article

While “AIED” may seem relatively new, a deeper look shows us it has been developing for over half a century In the last few years, numerous developments have led to a growing awareness of the maturity of Artificial Intelligence. Self-driving cars and personal assistants like Alexa and Siri are some of the consumer-facing technologies that have helped to fuel this awareness. This knowledge can also bring with it a certain dystopian fear about robots and technology “taking over”. While we…

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7 programs that are transforming education – Education Article

Innovative tools and strategies are transforming education, and the best educators recognize this growing trend and harness it to benefit their students. Fuel Education’s Transformation Awards recognize schools, districts or organizations that are successfully transforming education, the way teachers teach, and how students learn. The awards highlight seven exemplary programs from Fuel Education’s partner school districts. Each Transformation Award winner uses online courses and adaptive learning tools to meet the varying needs of their students, who represent different demographic, economic…

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